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Gold 2019 Events / Sport

Charros - Mexican Horsemen

  • Photographer
    Anja Bruehling
  • Agency / Studio
    Anja Bruehling Photography
  • Prize
    Gold in Events / Sport

Charros - Mexican Horsemen - century old equestrian tradition. The sport is a living history, an art form drawn from the demands of working ranch-life. During the Charreada - contemporary Mexican rodeo - contending teams show off ranching skills. Horses are agile, well-tempered and execute the commands of their charros, who wear traditional riding suite and wide brimmed sombreros as part of the cultural iconography like bronco riding and roping. Everyone is passionate about their vocation and it is often handed down as a family tradition from generation to generation.

In 2017 Anja Bruehling gave up her global executive career to pursue her passion -documentary and fine art photography. She has worked and travelled to over 60 countries. Her passions are documenting people, diverse cultures, social issues and the human condition around the world. She sees the camera as medium to stay curious more than ever and to make observations, explore places, prosperity, beauty, people and the socio-economic problems they face.