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Silver 2019 Editorial / General News

Open Eyes

  • Photographer
    Valerio Nicolosi
  • Agency / Studio
    Valerio Nicolosi
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / General News

Open Eyes tell the Mission 48 of the NGO "Open Arms" left on the 22nd of july 2018 from Palma de Mallorca, where the ship had arrived the day before to disembark Josefa and the lifeless bodies of a woman and a child found a few days earlier in international waters. The mission took place in the Libyan SAR area where just after midnight on August 2, about 55 miles from the coast, it rescue a raft with 87 people aboard of which 84 Sudanese (many from Darfour), a Syrian, a Gambian and an Egyptian.

Valerio Nicolosi, filmmaker and photojournalist born in Rome in 1984, has always had a passion for photography and video. In 2008 he graduated with highest honours from the ‘Experimental Television Center’ in Rome. He collaboreted with the international press agency Reuters and leading Italian and european network and investigative journalism programs for which he has made many reportages on the issue of immigrants. He is based in Rome where he collaborates with Associated Press.