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Bronze 2019 Editorial / Personality


  • Photographer
    Michal Adamski
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / Personality

At the beginning of the XVIII century poor Polish highlanders from Subcarpathia came to Derenk, village in north Hungary. For over 200 years they specialized in farming, trading and smuggling. During all this time, they nourished their own identity, culture, language and religion. In 1943, all the people from Derenk were resettled to different places near Miskolc. Community was destroyed leaving the sense of grievance and longing for the native village. Derenk has remained the lost paradise forever. This is a portraits of descendands families from Derenk who stay close to memory of this place.

Michal Adamski - born in 1976, based in Poznan, Poland. He is cofounder of Pix.House Foundation and Gallery. Member of the The Association of Polish Art Photographers. Student of The Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. He was a stipendist of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2017 and scholar of the Marshal of Wielkopolska Region. In 2015 he published a photobook „I can’t get through the chaos”. He concentrates primarily on long-term documentary projects. He aims to create a honest story, but marked by the author’s interpretation of the reality.