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Gold 2019 Book / People

Oyako An Ode to Parents and Children

  • Photographer
    Bruce Osborn
  • Agency / Studio
    Ozone Inc.
  • Prize
    Gold in Book / People

Oyako is the Japanese word for parent and child. I started this series as a way of looking at Japanese culture and how it changes from one generation to the next. The parents are the link to the families’ roots and the children are a bridge to the future. Looking at their portraits, it feels like more than just a moment in time. I am seeing the families' past, present, and future.

Bruce Osborn has been based in Tokyo for the past 3 decades. His work has appeared in numerous publications and advertisements. He has received many professional awards and recognitions, published photo books, and staged major exhibitions featuring his photography. The most extensive collection is the photo series on Japanese Parents and Children, known as OYAKO.