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Gold 2019 Book / Fine Art


  • Photographer
    Andreas Kremer
  • Agency / Studio
    Imverbund Gmbh
  • Prize
    Gold in Book / Fine Art

The clash between completely different social and artistic influences posed a particular challenge for me on my travels to Tokyo. I sought to articulate a visual language that would express my amazement at these cultural contrasts. In particular, I positioned the tensions between intimacy and publicity, between control and excess, between the individual and the masses, and between discipline and chaos in society at the focal point of perception. The book’s multi-layered dramaturgy shall support a statement of openness to the other. It’ll be published august 2019 at KERBER, Germany.

Andreas Kremer, living in Cologne/Germany, began his artistic path after he had worked successfully in business for many years. Never losing touch with photography during the years, 2014 he changed his focus completely to photography as visual art, and hasn’t put down his camera since. In 2019 his first photobook TENSION was published by KERBER Verlag and awarded gold a short time later. In his current project “The Last Resort” from 2021, he is using the collage technique in a modern, digital form, following the tradition of using collages to point out social or political grievances.