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Gold 2019 Advertising / Food

Red Octopus

  • Photographer
    Cosimo Barletta
  • Agency / Studio
    Cucina Delle Foto
  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising / Food

When you release the kraken on the table... you never know what might happen! ©Cucina delle Foto - Cosimo Barletta & Mayda Mason

I was born in 1978, in Italy in a small town on Lake Como, not far from Switzerland. I discovered photography as a child and at the age of 7 I bought my first compact camera. Today I am a photographer specialized in food, beverage and packaging and a photo retoucher and I always work together with my partner Mayda, who is also a very good photographer and food styilist. I read a lot because life is made not only experience but also knowledge. Lot of knowledge! I like new challenges and good red wine!