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Bronze 2019 People / Children

Wild Child

  • Photographer
    Eszter Halasi

I am the mum of two children, who are free and wild. We are living in a nice and peaceful little village in UK close to London. We are from Hungary. Our life has changed when we arrived in England. We did not forget where we came from. We lived on the gypsy-line. In the small and extraordinary loud flat. Where the toilet was on the corridor. Now, in England we get a nice and big house with the garden. My children met new friend. I could bought my imagined camera, what I made my childhood hobby came true. Now I can capture our moments and show them to my children and my future grand children.

I am a passionate photographer, when I started take the picture of my kids I just wanted to n captured our family moments what we could look at together in the future when they get older. My children feel very comfortable before the camera. No matter when i take pictures of them. And I like to see what they are like in life, and how free and wild they are feeling. I think that every mum think, that every parent want to capturing their children's moments. And want to see these picture later, and show them to friend. When I started using my camera 3-4 years ago, I bought a simply compact cam