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Bronze 2019 People / Self-Portrait

My Pain

  • Photographer
    Gabriela Segura

This image is going to be part of a series that I am working on. All my life I felt trapped by my thoughts, trying to get everything in me to always be right. Thanks to art and imagination I could represent my deepest pain, the illness of my father, who was in a coma for six years. His body was there, but not his soul. This image is me, trying to live hidden, grabbing a body that did not recognize me anymore and that was almost impossible to let go.

Gabriela is an electromechanical engineer, married and mother of three. Four years ago she began her studies in photography and realized that this was her true passion. Little by little she left her former job, to devote herself completely to photography. Now she is a fine art photographer. With her work, the past, the present and the future merge in the unconsciuos, resulting in an artwork that makes you think beyond reality . Time and movement of thoughts will accelerate, and your imagination will be activated. She also loves street and landscape photography, she enjoys traveling with he