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Bronze 2019 People / Self-Portrait


  • Photographer
    Masakazu Takahashi
  • Prize
    Bronze in People / Self-Portrait

A photograph cuts out a moment, and pack the time of shutter speed into it. For instance, Hiroshi Sugimoto's “Theatre”, “Seascape”, and “Diorama” storongly demonstrate this kind of time. These works were created on film, but t it would be possible to express it digitally like the “jpeg” of THOMAS RUFF. In this work, in order to make this idea into shape, I developed a program that combines dozens or thousands of photographs taken for a long time and combined them into a single photograph as rectangles. seconds (myself) is one of the photograph that takes this idea and method.

While I work for an IT company as a specialist of Information security, I take pictures to represent “the mutually complementary relation between civilizations and human in the daily life”. I was born in July 1961 in Yamagata prefecture and currently reside in Tokyo. I graduate in 1982 from the hardware department of the computer technical school. I studied photography at JAPAN CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY.