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Gold 2019 Nature / Panoramic

Wide, Not Wide Enough

  • Photographer
    Thomas Lusth
  • Prize
    Gold in Nature / Panoramic

Often when I travel I find scenes in nature where nothing but a wide format can do justice to what lies in front of me. This series of panoramic images is a collection of some of these moments traveling through Iceland, New Zealand, Bolivia, Chile and Spain.

Hi, my name is Thomas Lusth and I was born 57 years ago in Östersund, Sweden. I’ve always loved to traveled. Up until a trip to China in 1986, I did so without a camera. Something strange happened during this trip. I started looking at things in a completely different way. Where I had once just walked through, I paused. Where I used to stare aimlessly, I looked around. I started to pay attention to details, I began to compose. I discovered shapes, figures and the subtle magic of light. Needless to say, what actually came out of those first rolls of film is a different story…