Hungary flag
Gold 2019 Fine Art / Collage

Ancestral Healing

  • Photographer
    Karen Divine
  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art / Collage

It takes courage to do the work of healing. It’s not comfortable, convenient or easy. It’s not “business as usual,” or maintaining the status quo. It means the end of denial, pretending and avoiding. It means being radically honest with yourself and those around you. This kind of honesty won’t necessarily win popularity contests, but it will recalibrate your DNA. If we’re healing and transforming the wounds we carry from those who came before, we’re also changing the trajectory of those who come after.

The world is seen in layers, stacking colors and ideas, shapes and patterns onto each other as if one were walking through their day with blurred vision, not taking in specifics but piecing together various parts and overlapping them, sensing what’s all around us that we sometimes miss when caught in our thoughts. What develops is another realm of existence expressed through tonality, textures and sounds. My composite images attempt to unveil the interaction we have with all things. It’s photography that represents my personal experience of the world. They are stories of multiple and perso