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Bronze 2019 Editorial / General News

The Capital of Korea Fish Market

  • Photographer
    An Myung Hyun
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / General News

For about three years, there has been a confrontation between the Suhyup side and merchants over the redevelopment of the area. I've been recording scenes for a year that don't show what's going on in the media. At first, I was curious about how I could resist for a long time in this environment, and I felt that I should record this. I am a college student majoring in social welfare, and I keep recording while attending school.The photo recorded a scene that happened at 6 a.m. 19.8.9.

Hi, I am a 26-year-old social welfare student, Ahn Myung-hyun.The reason why I take pictures is because I want to let the world know about the social injustice and social weaknesses hidden through my photos.After school I always go to the center of social problems with my camera. And we record the pictures in the eyes of a third party. Bright and shiny objects are always seen and admired, and all their attention is focused on everything.But no one cares about their dark and sad cries.So I hold the camera today with a sense of duty to record.Thank you for reading it.