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Silver 2019 Editorial / Political

All Power to The People

  • Photographer
    Jana Markova
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / Political

This picture was captured in NYC during protests shortly after election of the new president in 2016. It is my personal perception of what was happening in the country I just entered to live in, as a foreigner. All power to the people...such a strong statement to think about, present in the written word as well as in the visual itself...To contemplate!

My name is Jana and I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic, I spent four years in Paris, studying Cinema and Audiovisual studies. My specialization was "visual anthropology" - I was comparing and analyzing cultural representations and stereotypes in audiovisual materials. I brought up this interest in my photography. I try to capture, by my own eyes, a lived experience and cultural diversity of the places I lived in. I only shoot film. Currently, I immersed myself in studies of Creative Arts Therapy at Pratt Institute, NYC.