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Silver 2019 Editorial / Political

All Power to The People

  • Photographer
    Jana Markova

This picture was captured in NYC during protests shortly after election of the new president in 2016. It is my personal perception of what was happening in the country I just entered to live in, as a foreigner. All power to the people...such a strong statement to think about, present in the written word as well as in the visual itself...To contemplate!

My name is Jana and I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic, I spent four years in Paris, studying Cinema and Audiovisual studies. My specialization was "visual anthropology" - I was comparing and analyzing cultural representations and stereotypes in audiovisual materials. I brought up this interest in my photography. I try to capture, by my own eyes, a lived experience and cultural diversity of the places I lived in. I only shoot film. Currently, I immersed myself in studies of Creative Arts Therapy at Pratt Institute, NYC.