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Silver 2019 Editorial / sports


  • Photographer
    Caterina Taglienti
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / sports

Women rugby is officially played in italy since 1988: an amateur sport, with almost inexisting financing. And yet it is practiced with passion, courage and many sacrificies by 10.000 girls. In rugby, team spirit, solidarity and mutual support are the essence of the game: to score a try the whole team must bring the ball forward. Loyalty, courage and trust are the pillars of a team's success. I wish to tell the feminine aspects of this sport, the force and weaknesses of these girls, the intimacy among them and how this becomes strength.

My name is Caterina Taglienti. I'm an amateur photographer based in Rome. I'm curious about people and I like to tell stories. Photography is the means by which I manage to do the two things. I explore and report what my eyes see.