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Silver 2019 Architecture / Cityscapes

Colorful Parking Lot

  • Photographer
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    Silver in Architecture / Cityscapes

Shot in Taiwan-Taipei with Dji Mavic pro We live our life on the flat surface of X&Y, we can only look up to the tall buildings on the Z-axis and not knowing what do they look like from the view above. Using the experience learned from using DSLR and film camera as nutrition to operate a drone. As a photographer, I love to shoot from the sky to explore views from a different angle. It is a re-exploration of the relationship between men and the world from the perspective of aerial photography.

Li,Po-Yi (1984) was borning in Taipei, Taiwan, and now work and live in Taiwan. He is an amateur photographer and was an engineer working in ASUS. Photography to me is an important element of my life, it is a window to express my inner self and for stress relief.