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Selina Bressan

Selina Bressan

Interview with Selina Bressan
BIFA 2022 Winner, 1st Place, Non-Professional Architecture category, “Artitecture In Berlin”

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you come to fall in love with photography?

As many of us I always took pictures (also at the disco!!). 10 years ago I participated in a contest for a magazine and two months later my photo was in the magazine! This episode gave me the push to start seriously photographing. I did workshops, I traveled with photographers, I visited exhibitions, read a lot of books. I explored all kinds of photography and I understood that modern architecture and minimalism are my first choices. But I love all photography. I’m poliedric.

Q: Could you elaborate on how you took this award-winning picture? What was the main concept and what was your process for creating it?

Last summer I went to Berlin because everyone said to me it is the “city of architecture”. In fact, I found many modern buildings and I took many pictures. But the project is born at home, after seeing all the pictures I did. I started changing the color of the sky, choosing a tone present in the main subject. My idea was to have a “tone on tone” palette. I loved the result so I continued on other images until I created a photographic series.

Q: What does receiving this honor entail for you?

This is my first 1st prize in a category and it is absolutely amazing for me. I photograph for passion, I spend a lot of time with photography and every time I win an award or an honorable mention it represents a big personal success, it means that I’m growing, that I’ve done a good job and that I’m able to do it well, that the time I dedicate to photography is not wasted or useless.

Q: What other photographers’ work, practices, or styles have had an influence on your own?

In these years I saw many photos of big photographers but also good photos of “anonymous.” And also the painting influenced me. At the end I think that everyone gave me something. If you want a name….I love Franco Fontana!

Q: Photography is a great medium for communicating various messages to people. What are your thoughts on this tool and how do you use it?

I agree, as long as it’s used correctly. For me photography is an outlet valve, it’s a medicine, I express my mood, my way of being. Since I’ve been a mom I’ve been more rigid, linear, orderly but I’m also sweet, “colorful” and a little crazy and this genre represents me perfectly. I believe that architecture photography is a very particular genre, it doesn’t tell facts or stories so it doesn’t interest a large audience. But if well represented it can be captivating.

Q: What difficulties do you think photographers face today?

We all know we’re too much!! Internet and socials are full of images. Many images are similar. We believe we have a single image but we don’t always know if someone on the other side of the world has made it the same as us. The web is too vast to let us see everything. To stand out, you need to be really special, have a unique style, but in these days you risk being copied right away.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

Well, it depends…it can arrive in my dreams, looking an object, an image, a ray of light or shadows, speaking with someone…

Q: What would the setting be for your ideal photo shoot? Do you have any tools or accessories that you must include?

Of course it depends from the subject I want to photograph. For architecture photography I would live in London, New York, Dubai or modern city of Europe where I can find modern buildings. But every place can be perfect for a shooting, also my kitchen! I just need my camera and the right lens.

Q: What are your future plans? Are you presently engaged in any intriguing projects that you can share with us?

I have no plans in mind. My projects often arise and develop very quickly. I’ve never made any long-term plans.


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