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Genius in Advertising Photography: the Ten Best Works at BIFA

September 22, 2020

It seems like last year, a big portion of the global creative minds lined up to try themselves at the Budapest International Foto Awards, making us anticipate what is going to happen this year even more. We love to look back on past entries - here are the best ones in advertising photography. 

Red Octopus by Cucina Delle Foto

When you release the kraken on the table... you never know what might happen! Cosimo Barletta specializes in food, beverage and packaging photography, along with his partner the food stylist, Mayda. 

Lighting Clothes II by Ramon Vaquero

"Lighting Clothes II" is the second part from a personal portrait series where consumer objects we usually want like fancy clothing or pricey jewellery, are replaced by simple laser light lines. This is an attempt to create a metaphor of the conventional elements of the fashion world, as well as an image about the elegance itself with no material and needless elements. 

Splashes by Rami Yazagi

Syrian-born photographer Rami Yazagi dabbles not only in product photography, but black and white, portrait, nature and architecture as well. His aim with the Splashes photo series was to create something outside of usual. 

Lip White by Nobuhiro Ishida

This photograph was taken to express the artist's emotions towards the subject - no explanation is required. 

Collage by Icron Image International

Jack Dziamba created these cubist photos inspired by Georges Braque, a 20th century French painter and collagist giant.

Ruscona by Martin Pitonak 

The vision of the photographer was to keep the design simple yet unique and deeply orientated towards the brand and product on show. 

Luxury Food by Wesley Dombrecht

The concept for this series of images was to use food ingredients that we associate with luxury and style. They often have high prices and we see them a lot in trendy establishments. The images are captured in a very stylized way with a twist of mystery surrounding them. 

As I See Me by Mike Sung Photography

As I See Me is a conversation between two Taiwanese artists with different life experiences and nationalities about their culture, mirroring questions about identity and belonging from across an ocean. The series is a tribute to Taiwanese identity, both new and old, with new silhouettes married with traditional patterns from throughout Taiwan’s history. 

World of the Frozen Light by Peter Svoboda 

This series of pictures were taken during the  photographer's project Deep inside the glacier ice cave. The series is the result of his 5th visit to the Vátnajokull and Myrdalsjokull glacier, during which in last few years he witnessed and documented the rapid melting and changing of the glacier front. 

Malibu Guitar Festival by Steven Hans Lindner

The main aim of this series was to show the real Malibu and California living lifestyle, with a spark from De Angelico Guitars, who were the sponsors of the festival.


Take a tour of our virtual gallery at the House of Lucie in Budapest to check out the Best of Show of the International Photography Awards!