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Budapest Photo Festival 2019

January 20, 2019

The Budapest Photo Festival  The Budapest Photo Festival, which is open from February 28 to April 20, 2019, is an annual city-wide exhibition series. Through the presence of both of the Hungarian and international art scene, it represents the best of both contemporary and classical photography. The aim of the Festival is to make Budapest known as the “City of Photography”.

The festival has two highlighted exhibitions as a frame: the opening international show and a Hungarian contemporary overview. The emphasis – in addition to the two highlighted exhibitions –  is on the presentation of the international contemporary scene, by the program of the International Cultural Institutes, beside the exhibitions of the biggest galleries, museums and art schools of the Hungarian Capital. The Festival involves many public programs also: lectures, workshops, photo marathon, museum educational events, portfolio review and photo book show, that will take place at the Festival center Budapest Project Gallery.


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