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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 Events / Sport


  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Events / Sport
  • Photographer
    Arpan Uzir

In a fast changing world with contemporary forms of art, an age old tradition of Indian wrestling established centuries ago finds its way to survive in the lives of few remaining wrestlers who have made it a way of life more than a sport. This photo is from my ongoing photo series about a traditional form of Indian mud-clay wrestling; ‘Kushti’ and practitioners of this wrestling art called the ‘Pehlwans', who start their daily ritual of exercise at sunrise and practice in rounds facing each other in an 'Akhada'(arena). For these wrestlers, Kushti is a lifestyle, a discipline, a way of life.

My name is Arpan Uzir, 26, born and brought up in Assam, India with a degree in Civil Engineering and passion for travel and photography. I am fortunate to invest more time into photography, traveling and capturing stories from the places I visit and people I meet. I love landscape and nature but also covering my grounds in documentary and street photography. I try to capture images that reflects my feelings and explore my imagination that can tell stories to the viewers. Travel, learn and photograph is what I believe and try to follow.