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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 People / Life Style

Freedom Begins With Irony

  • Photographer
    Diego Bardone
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in People / Life Style

Diego Bardone's images are therapeutic tools of the metropolitan mood. After meeting Bardone, the city is less gray, people are more original, stories have more fun, missed dates are less sad and Milan is also wonderful to fall in love. And we, we observe ourselves in his photographs as in a story that belongs to us and we find ourselves more amusing than we thought, more extraordinary than we have ever made us believe. (Melina Scalise, owner of Casa Museo - Spazio Tadini)

He was born in Milan in 1963, he approached photography in the mid-80a, and collaborated with 'Il Manifesto' and two agencies for a few years. The street is his natural habitat. He loves to portray the simplicity of the flow of everyday life, using black and white as his favorite means of expression. His work has been exhibited in several solo and collective shows, and published in many italian and international magazines. In 2018 he published a book 'Street life Milano', edited by 'Edizioni del foglio clandestino.