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Gold 2022 Fine Art / Abstract


  • Photographer
    Gabriele Gentile
  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art / Abstract

Being a woman is what distinguishes a woman, in every time and place. Her womanhood, her empathic beauty,not synonymous with perfection but beauty as a unicum,a harmony with the world that is reflected in her aesthetic side. In this photographic series of mine entitled "Denier"-a metaphor for the heaviness of the stocking-I wanted to represent my idea of a woman, a woman who is also fragmented, divided, faceless, but no less recognizable . A woman who chameleonically blends with the space that surrounds her intoning it to herself. Lines become shape, colors become body, harmony becomes beauty.

Gabriele Gentile was born in 1986 in Italy where he completed his studies in the humanities and communication fields.He approaches digital photography in his thirties fascinated by its “magical power”,unique in making a moment eternal. Time is the focus of his research,the nostalgic time of the past from which to resurrect ancient buildings today in decay and the time of the future,projected into minimal abstract visions of modern architecture. Forms,lines:space.Fundamental even as empty space. Colour is another keyword in his works,a subject in and of itself,essential element of his alphabet.