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Bronze 2019 Science / Technology


  • Photographer
    Anka Gregorczyk
  • Agency / Studio
    Fotspot & Centrala
  • Prize
    Bronze in Science / Technology

The first Space Race was a series of marvelous scientific breakthroughs and a battle between two superpowers and their propagandas. 50 years later, much more technologically advanced and with new verve, the space race starts again. What really stands behind this effort? Is it just a basic human need to expand? Every aspect of human knowledge and activity can become a part of the future expanse. This project is about the dream, women working in space industry and spirit that stands behind them. It is also about social change and scientific longing for Cosmos in Poland.

Freelance photographer based in Poland. Member of the The Association of Polish Art Photographers. Focused on modern urban landscape and visual reinterpretation of the human space. Her artistic interests are directed towards architectural and new documentary photography. Initiator, creator and ceo of FOTSPOT initiative and CENTRALA art space. Together with Lukasz Szamalek she creates photographic duo.