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Bronze 2019 People / Self-Portrait

Gospa Slana (Mrs. Slana)

  • Photographer
    Goran Turnsek
  • Agency / Studio
    Studio Gt
  • Prize
    Bronze in People / Self-Portrait

A photo project about grief, preservation and acceptance. In the project I was investigating how grief caused by loosing family members has been passed on to me through my grandmother’s family line. As if inherited, caused, in part, by accidental death of all male members. In the series, I decided to play my grandmother showing her everyday tasks as a housewife. I inhabit her space and try to capture her nature. The project took place in the Slovenian village of Zabovci and was inspired by cross-dressing traditional mask 'Ploharji' that exists mostly in the local carnival 'Fašenk'.

In my work I use multiple media to express ideas, including photography, dance, videos and photo books. In my work I show how memory changes after our past is being nullified or manipulated. The person or objects portrayed in space are representation of artistic and conceptual view that is related to the concept of national, corporate and sexual identity. As an artist, I therefore empty our transient world as evidence for others who could not be witnesses to this process.