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Silver 2019 Book / Documentary

Sunday: A Portrait of 21St Century England

  • Photographer
    Matt Writtle
  • Agency / Studio
    Matt Writtle Photographer
  • Prize
    Silver in Book / Documentary

Sunday: observed by Christians as a day of rest and religious worship while many associate Sunday with the chance to relax and switch off from work and the world. However, the last few decades have seen a huge shift away from traditional churchgoing, while consumerism and digital culture have changed the way we use our time. So what impact have these changes had on our ability to relax and be with ourselves? And how does the way we spend our leisure time reflect the nature of society in 21st century England?

I am a professional portrait and documentary photographer based in Buckinghamshire, UK. We live in a world where humanity dominates nature: my photography attempts to observe and capture the behaviour of humanity in its current form, or as a reflection of its’ legacy, and explore its relationship and impact on the environment and the natural world. I have published two monographs: 'Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England' and 'The River Meadow at the Pile of Stones', the latter focused on the tangible impact of urbanisation on nature and the River Chess chalk stream in Chesham, Bucks.