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Silver 2019 Book / Documentary

Sunday: A Portrait of 21St Century England

  • Company
    Matt Writtle Photographer
  • Photographer
    Matt Writtle

Sunday: observed by Christians as a day of rest and religious worship while many associate Sunday with the chance to relax and switch off from work and the world.However, the last few decades have seen a huge shift away from traditional churchgoing, while consumerism and digital culture have changed the way we use our time. So what impact have these changes had on our ability to relax and be with ourselves? And how does the way we spend our leisure time reflect the nature of society in 21st century England?

Documentary and portrait photographer based in London, UK. My practise is focused on capturing life’s nuances and cultural and environmental transition by giving a voice to the person who is rarely heard, showing a fresh side to a face that we are weary of seeing, or revealing a world unfamiliar to us. My monograph Sunday: A Portrait of 21st Century England documents how people living in England spend their time on this traditional day of rest and challenges the viewer to question the value of leisure time in a digital and consumerist culture.