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Silver 2019 Architecture / Buildings

Minimal Poetics

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  • Photographer
    Jose Roberto Bassul

The "Minimal Poetics" series approachs pauses and silences. It contrasts with the world we live in, filled with with appeals to consumption and images saturated with information and colors. It looks for visual refuges in urban landscapes, also polluted by excesses. Minimalist, with few geometric elements expressed in faded colors, it takes architecture as a photographic object to evoke the thought of David Le Breton, for whom "to remain silent and to walk are nowadays two forms of political resistance."

Architect and photographer, José Roberto Bassul was born in Rio de Janeiro and lives in Brasilia. Focusing on architecture and the urban landscape, his work has been awarded in several important international competitions and published in specialized magazines such as B&W Magazine (USA), Minimalissimo (England), Luz del Norte (Mexico), BEX Magazine (Argentina) and Photo (France). His photographs were exhibited individually in Brazil and collectively in many cities worldwide and are part of relevant public and private collections.