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Bronze 2019 Advertising / Travel/Tourism

World of The Frozen Light

  • Photographer
    Peter Svoboda
  • Agency / Studio
    Peter Svoboda Photography
  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising / Travel/Tourism

Series of pictures taken during my photography project Deep inside the glacier ice cave. The series is the result of my 5-th visit of the Vátnajokull and Myrdalsjokull glacier during the last few years where I witnessed the rapid melting and changing of the glacier front.I had a chance to document these changes as one of a few photographers, because more of the caves collapsed during the summer season. I was searching for an extraordinary compositions inside the caves. Natualal light was used only and the same figure used as the scale in comparison to the environment. Glacier are changing fast

I was born and live in a beautiful historical city of Kosice, Slovakia. Since my youth age I was interested in art, in its various genres. Many years ago was studying also at art school where we focused on drawing and painting. I loved especially to paint oils on canvas. Beside that I started to discover a magic of the dark room and started to shoot on BW film and transparent. Later on, I 'vwe been taking pictures on digital. I soon realized that photography will be that wonderful and exciting journey for me.